Study Abroad

While there is some evidence of DACA students who have left the U.S. on a study abroad program and successfully re-entered the U.S. after the conclusion of the program, study abroad for DACA students is discouraged by the University at this time.

Should a student decide to go ahead with study abroad or an international experience, IU strongly encourages students to seek the counsel of an immigration attorney before considering this as an option. Please be aware that there are always individuals and attorneys who claim to know about immigration, yet provide incorrect information. 

Please note: until the University has a clear sense of the incoming U.S. presidential administration's priorities for immigration reform, study abroad or travel abroad for DACA and undocumented students is highly discouraged at this time.

Students who have received DACA and who wish to study abroad will need to apply to USCIS for “Advance Parole.”

  • The application is Form I-131 for Advance Parole.
  • Advance parole is only valid until its expiration and students must plan accordingly.
  • Upon returning to the United States, a potential parolee would be considered an "applicant for admission" and could still be subject to removal proceedings based upon grounds of inadmissibility, notwithstanding the prior grant of parole.

To go abroad, not only must DACA students obtain Advance Parole, but they must obtain a passport from their country of nationality and the correct visa for entering the study abroad country. Therefore, it is necessary to have the correct paperwork for entering the study abroad country AND the correct paperwork for returning to the United States after the completion of the program.