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Primary DACA contact

James (Jay) McTyier in the Office of the Registrar is the primary contact person for DACA students. Contact him at 812-941-2240 or registrar@ius.edu.

Scholarships/financial aid

Contact Traci Armes in the Office of Financial Aid at financialaid@ius.edu or (812) 941-2246.

Counseling and psychological services

Personal Counseling Services offers individual counseling and other support services by appointment. Appointments may be made by contacting micaday@ius.edu or 812-941-2244. After hours crisis phone consultation available, 812-941-2400. Services are free and confidential for all students, including DACA students. Our office is located in UC 243.

Immigration assistance

Contact Rendy Schrader in the Office of International Services at lschrade@iu.edu or (812) 855-6345.

Report a concern

Report a concern online or (812) 941-2319 to the Dean of Students office. Contact the IUSPD at (812) 941-2400 to report a crime.

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